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How to use audioTagger

First you need to sign up with a username on your mobile phone at:
audioTagger will send you instructions to your mobile phone.

1: Record an audio file on your mobile phone.
2: Mail the recording to expo | at | moolab | dot | net from your mobile phone.
if you are in Plymouth
If you are located in New York City use nyc | at | moolab | dot | net
3: You do not write anything in the subject field.
4: In the email body write Title, Street address.
Title, Street address must be separated by a comma.
Title is the name you want to give your recording.
Street address must be written in format: 12 Elliot Street.


you can only send the audio recordings from your
mobile phone and not from the internet. Regular Internet servers
are not accepted in this application to avoid SPAM!

Thank you for being part of audioTagger!