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About audioTagger

audioTagger was started in January 2006, as a way to explore ubiquitous
computing for audio applications in public space.

audioTagger is a mobile-phone-sound-art-in-urban-space research project,
or can be defined as, wireless phonography ("mobile sound writing").
audioTagger is a momentary exploration of urban space, to capture a
sonic moment using mobile technology.

Anybody with a data enabled mobile phone can participate and contribute
to AudioTagger's exploration of the environment, using the mobile phone
as a field recorder, "phonographic tool", ubiquitous and artistic.
The mobile phone is used in this application, being the most ubiquitous tool
at present, within wireless architecture; creating a seamless
computing environment with the Internet.

Today, the physical world, and the digital world have an established connection.
audioTagger is a tool to explore the relation between physical space and its
everyday presence, and its integrations into the mobile communication space.
Urban space is here viewed both as a communication platform and the subject for
exploration. What does mobility mean to the aesthetic expression, when making
a field recording?

The location of the field-recording can be viewed and the sound listened to, on a
Google map

A java application developed in collaboration with Urban Units, can be
downloaded from here: